December 12th 2020
Waltham Forest - Shop Local Campaign

After the 2nd lockdown was lifted, I was commissioned by my local council, Waltham Forest, to shoot a campaign encouraging people to ‘Choose Local’. The billboards started popping up around E17 just before Christmas.

December 6th 2020

Sunday Times Magazine ‘The virus of the mind’

I had the honour of meeting some incredible frontline workers from UCLH and photographing them for a recent issue of The Sunday Times Magazine. I even managed to spend time with them on one of the Covid wards at the hospital.


November 21st 2020

Sir David Attenborough

I’ve always dreamt of photographing David Attenborough, so instead of waiting for a commission I decided to write to him and ask. This was his letter back to me which is now framed on my wall. I think it’s even better than any photo I could have taken.

November 2020

Zipcar ‘S/S Campaign’
Agency - Collective London

One of the first big jobs I worked on after the first lockdown ended. Shot alongside a film crew, over two days in Newington and Amersham.